White Pizzuttello Grape


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Known by many synonyms such PIZZUTELLO Tivoli, Uva Cornetta, Damascus, etc.. and the origin is believed to be Arab, perhaps Syria, introduced in Europe with the Arab invasions;.
Good quality characteristics and very good resistance on the plant, also good storage and the resistance to transport;
PIZZUTELLO white and 'a vine that prefers types of farming expanded. The grape and 'good-looking and resists well in the plant, while it tends to crumble when the carriage passes the point of ripeness.
shows a cluster medium (average weight 325 g) cylindrical pyramid semispargolo
The berries are medium to large, characteristically elongated and pointed, pear-shaped, curved half-moon, the skin is slightly waxy, fairly thin but strong, greenish-yellow or yellow-gold cargo.
The flesh is meaty and crisp, a simple taste, sweet and very pleasing to the palate, with one or two small seeds.
Synonyms: woman's finger
Budding: second decade of April
Bloom: I ° week of June
Aging: second week of September.

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