Queen of Grape Vines


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known as Cross Mathiasz 140 obtained in 1916 from Hungarian G. Mathiasz crossing Queen Elizabeth x Pearl of Csaba; good is the earliness and quality characteristics of the product so that is one of the main varieties cultivated in Italy; resists discreetly on the plant and transportation; berry or very large, ellipsoidal medium peel thick, firm and waxy, a golden yellow color, meaty flesh and crunchy, sweet muscat flavor quite enjoyable.
Very early variety, grown mainly in Puglia and Sicily. Queen of the vineyard is not 'very strong but has good productivity, prefers renewable forms of farming, cordon pruning medium or long. The grapes on the vine and has resisted fairly good resistance to transport. The cluster is large, conical cylinder, winged, fairly, millerandage 7 to 8%. The berry and 'golden-yellow, thick, shaped subovale. Peel and 'media, resistant, waxy, pulp or fleshy semicroccante, sweet flavor with muscatel.
Budding: I ° middle of April.
Flowering: III decade of May.
Aging: II - III decade of August.

Price: 7,00€