Grape Little Sultanas White


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Vine very vigorous, good productivity features, present in vineyards suited to the production of table grapes.
Requires forms of farming expanded and pruned long and rich.
The bunch is medium large, cylindrical, conical, rather solid or semi sparse, winged, with an average weight of 350-450 g. ..
The berry is medium to small, ovoid or ellipsoid, with little waxy skin, thin but strong, golden-yellow or pale yellow, flesh crisp, simple flavor, sweet, very pleasant, seedless.
Grapes, but for excellence for withering and the production of juices and liquors. Aging: late August and late September.
Calorie fruit because it contains simple sugars very digestible. Also contains vitamins (C, PP, group B), organic acids and mineral salts, and numerous other substances such as tannins, flavonoids and anthocyanins.
Affects energy, remineralizing, detoxifying, refreshing, cholagogues, diuretics, laxatives.
Has a very low satiating power, a fact that must be remembered because of its high calorie content.

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