Grape Italy


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Obtained by prof. Pirovano in 1911 by crossing Bican x Muscat is one of the main table grapes worldwide. In France it is called "Ideal" is one of the most popular table grape varieties from the market for the beauty of its grapes, the grapes for crisp and tasty and good resistance to transport and shelf life, or very large berry, ellipsoidal peel of medium thickness, firm and waxy, a golden yellow or amber color, crisp and juicy flesh, sweet with a pleasant aroma of Muscat.
Excellent variety, can be considered among the finest table grapes. Italy and 'a vine vigorous and fertile, prefers farming systems expanded and pruning long. Resists very well to transport and storage in the refrigerator.
Budding: second week of April.
Bloom: I ° week of June.
Aging: II - III decade of September.

Price: 7,00€