Quince Tree


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Cydonia malum

Spread throughout Europe except in the coldest regions, grows well in all soils but prefers fresh ones and requires no special crop care. It 'a small tree up about 2 to 8 meters, with the trunk for the most twisted.
There are some varieties.
- Champion (fruit maliformi, medium small, with medium vigor and productive tree);
- Portugal (maliformi fruit, medium small, with pronounced ribs, tree production and average force);
- Maliforme Tencara (fruit maliformi regular, vigorous and productive trees).
The fruit is an apple of varying sizes and divided into five lodges, each containing numerous seeds, golden yellow, globular in shape irregular, with pulp and peel sour taste covered with thick hair.
The quince is not eaten fresh because he flesh tough, slightly leathery and smelt very intense, for so you can eat only after prolonged cooking and you will get excellent jams, jellies and jams. He also gets a very pleasant drink with which you can prepare a good brandy.m>


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