San Piero Plum Tree


Prunus Domestica San Piero

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Source: probably Tuscany, from genealogy unknown.
Mast: high vigor, with poise tend assurgente; time of flowering intermediate; good productivity.
Fruit: medium sized, elliptical shape, with rounded apex; skin color purplish-brown, with reddish reflections very pruinosa; flesh yellow, very sweet, aromatic, soda, stands out.
Ripen and harvest: the third decade of July, simultaneously with "Bella of Leuven."
Comments: It is considered one of the best cultivars. The fruits are of good size, regular shape, coloring very attractive and high organoleptic quality. Good resistance to fruit handling and transport. It is auto-compatible high level, able to guarantee itself a sufficient production. Destination of the fruit: especially suitable for fresh consumption.

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