Saint John Pear Tree


Pyrus Communis

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Varieties already mentioned in 1813 in the "Annals of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Italy" by Portapuglia between varieties of pear in the Piacentino. E 'to remember, however, as the name "St. John" for early maturing cultivars Pero is quite common in Italy and often identify different genotypes.
Tree vigorous, with erect, bushy hair. Leaves of variable shape dall'ovale the heart-shaped. Shows good resistance to common species from adversity and good grafting affinity with the franc and the quince. Adaptability: good even in hilly areas.
Typically pear-shaped fruit with very small size, has a long slender stalk. The skin is yellow with shades of light green.
The flesh is firm, juicy, white in color with sweet flavor and aroma, with ease mezzanine. Excellent eaten fresh. It is harvested in late June.

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