Decana del Comizio Pear Tree


Prunus Communis

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Discovered last century in France in the orchard of the Horticultural Comitium of Maine-et-Loire. Tree assurgente very robust and, to slowly put to good use. The plant is self-incompatible with medium-late flowering.
And 'well-pollinated by "William", "Conference", "Kaise", "Passacrassana", "Dr. Guyot.
Given the force has been useful in the treatment of weak rootstocks such as the quince.
During breeding requires a lot of bending to facilitate the entry into production and productivity. The fruits are partially parthenocarpic. The fruit of large size is much like getting in form as that for the high quality of the pulp. The skin is smooth, green with the presence of lenticels and sometimes rusty obvious. In the sun may play an overlying reddish. The stem is short. The flesh is white and fine and of high organoleptic quality, juicy, dark and fragrant.
And 'the fruit is very sensitive to manipulation and bruises that must be collected and worked with delicacy.
A level of nutrition has a good quality of simple sugars (fructose rapid assimilation), pectin, Tanino, mineral salts, malic acid and citric acid, as well as phenolic antioxidant.
Highly digestible, a pear plays a diuretic, laxative and refreshing and is particularly recommended in young and elderly.
Collection period in August and September.

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