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Mespilus Germanica

The Medlar is native of the Caucasian, now spread throughout Europe. Belongs to the family Rosaceae.
Rustic plant, strong and very beautiful, it's like getting as garden ornament.
Wood, brownish-yellow, it is very hard and is used for work on the lathe.
Very resistant to winter cold, goes up to 1000 meters. altitude.
Tree of modest size, reaching a maximum of 5 meters. height and the port is erratic.
The fruit "Nespola" is a false result because dall'igrossamento the receptacle around the fruit themselves.
Round shape and a tough skin for texture, color and texture reminiscent of the leather.
The fruits can not be consumed in the collection, require mezzanine, after the flesh becomes brown, soft, sugary, pasty consistency, slightly acidic and pleasant.

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