Marradi Chetsnut Tree


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Castanea Sativa of Marradi.

Big tree whose fruit of excellent size, very plump, brown coupon Marradi is considered the most popular varieties of brown, present throughout the Apennines and the Alps, for these characteristics can not develop well in the plain but needs hilly mountainous climate, there are over three hundred cultivars in Italy. The reasons for such a reputation must be sought not only in size, sweetness of the chestnut and its versatility in the kitchen: perfect for chestnuts, but also to make cakes and chestnuts. Antique flavor, all to discover, are the "ballotte", ie brown Marradi, boiled in plenty of water flavored, depending on the school of thought, or bay leaves or fennel seeds.
In our nursery we are producing this brown typical of the Valley of the Lamone and hills of the Mugello.

Price: 15,00€