Corniola Cherry Tree


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Prunus Avium Corniola.

Cultiva of Tuscan origin, plant caraterizzanta gait assurgente, vigorous and productive good and constant. The fruit is medium in size large, elongated, heart-shaped pointed, with average peduncle length. The skin color is dark red, thick, strong, dark red flesh, firm, almost to the core ederente, taste very pleasant.
Is destined for fresh consumption, but also used as an ingredient in traditional or in industrial processing.
The cultivation takes place in the traditional way.
The maturation is delayed and the harvest is done manually in the second week of July.
Cherry has good quality of fiber, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A and C. It is rich in sugar is not a very warm welcome. It is also rich in flavonoids useful against free radicals. Antiurica has diuretic action and because its active ingredients transformed into uric acid, hippuric acid which is then easily removed by natural means. Is indicated in cases of arthritis, arteriosclerosis, kidney disorders and gout, and has mildly laxative action. Be given to children with cutela, possibly over two years of age, as they can give digestive problems.

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