Grape Muscat of Amburgo


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Originating in England where it is called "Black of Alexandria, where it was cultivated in a greenhouse, it spread first to France and later in many countries wine, fine varieties known for a long time.
is a variety with good vigor and productivity, lends itself well to form a breeding pergola. Otherwise requires severe pruning can present the phenomenon dell'acinellatura sweet. Not always ripe grapes regularly and sometimes the berries are very Disform size.
The grapes fairly resistant plant but can not stand on long journeys.
Shows a cluster average, pyramidal, elongated, winged, sparse, with millerandage 7-8%
The berry and 'average subovale shaped, purplish black, with pruinose skin rather thin but strong, the color dark purple color;
The flesh rather soft, sweet, juicy flavor pleasant Muscat.
Budding: second week of April.
Bloom: I ° week of June.
Aging: I ° week of September.

Price: 7,00€