Grape Michele Palieri


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Grapevine from M. Palieri in Velletri, crossing the Alphanso Lavallée x Red Malaga, good storage and the resistance to transport, is finding a good reception on the markets for the quality of the cluster in addition to its beautiful appearance.
very vigorous and productive, which favors types of farming expanded and pruning media. Michele Palieri has good affinity with the most common rootstock used.
Palieri shows a cluster very large (average weight 820 g), elongated, cylindrical, pyramidal, winged and straggly.
The berry large, oval, with moderately thick skin, firm and waxy, a dark purple color is striking for its intensity.
The flesh is firm, crisp and juicy, the seeds are big ..
Budding: second week of April.
Flowering: ° ten days of June.
Aging: I ° week of September.

Price: 7,00€