Grape Black Pearl


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The history of this grape variety is certainly very old, some historians argue that viticulture was practiced already in pre-Roman times by the Gauls (a theory supported by the fact that "Rosciano" etymologically means "place of the grape"), but in all probability were the Roman soldiers, after being discharged from military service, settled in the area and import this particular variety.
However, it is possible to implant this precious and unique varieties of Muscat in only a small hilly area, particularly suited to viticulture.
The cluster of medium-large, truncated cone sometimes winged, fairly.
Berry medium large, elongated oval-shaped ellipsoid, with bluish skin color dark red. Black seedless table varieties of good vigor, fertility and productivity. Interesting for the size of the berry, the flesh crisp, excellent resistance in the plant and the characteristics of the juice. The taste is neutral.
Collection is usually done in October.

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