Grape Alphonse Lavalleé


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Cultivars of good quality, produced in France in the second half of the nineteenth century by crossing Bellino x Seedling Lady Downes, is an excellent table grape popular in many countries is of good vigor and very productive. Good resistance to the transport and storage on the plant, it raises a good tent, requires severe pruning or media.
The grape plant is kept well in
Cluster large, conical cylinder, winged, or straggly semiserrato. berry, spherical, with waxy skin and consistent, blue-black uniform very attractive, fleshy pulp flavor neutral and pleasant.
Usually contains 2-3 seeds per berry.
Synonyms: Ribier
Budding: III decade of April
Bloom: I ° week of June
Maturation: III rd week of August - I ° week of September

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