D'Agen Plum Tree


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Prunus Domestica Prugna D'Agen.

(Many synonyms including: "Agen", "D'Agen", "D'Body", "Robe de Sergent", "Datta d'Agen", "French Prune")
Source: was introduced in France from the Middle East at the time of the Crusades and multiplied in the nursery of the Benedictine monastery of Clairac (Lot & Garonne).
Tree: vigorous media, with poise tend expanded; time of flowering intermediate, high productivity.
Fruit: small size, shape obovata or elliptical, usually asymmetrical; skin of red-purple color across the surface, on average pruinosa, pulp greenish-yellow color, good, sweet, aromatic, soda, stands out in full maturity.
Aging collection: the second decade of August.
Comments: This cultivar has been subjected to strict clonal selection in France, and now you have some valuable clones ( "GF 707"). In the last century was introduced in the U.S. under the name "French Prune" and still is the plum most widespread, especially in California.
Excellent resistance of the fruit which is handling the transport. E 'partially autocompatibile not know if the pollinators.
Destination of the fruit: particularly suitable for drying, despite the small size of the fruit.

Price: 15,00€