ClaudiaD'Oullins Queen Plum Tree


Prunus Domestica Regina ClaudiaD'Oullins

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(Many synonyms, including: "Claudia Mostruosa")
Source: Coligny identified in France by a probable seminziale of "Claudia Green." Introduced by a nurseryman Oullins Massot introns in 1860.
Mast: high vigor, with poise tend assurgente; time of flowering intermediate; productivity rather good.
Fruit: medium to large sized, rounded shape, skin color of yellow-greenish-clear, little pruinosa; pulp yellow-green, not very firm, good, very sweet, slightly fragrant, stands out in full ripeness.
Aging collection: the first ten days of August, about a week before the "Claudia Green."
Comments: the plant enters production in late, poorly subject to cascola. It is autocompatibile.

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