D'Italia Plum Tree


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Prunus Domestica Prugna D'Italia.

Many synonyms including: "Allesse Double", "Fellenberg", "Italian Prune", "Italy").
Source: old Italian cultivars, presumably originating in Sydney, from where it is widespread in most major countries taking various fruit names.
Mast: high vigor, with poise average assurgente; time of flowering late, but high productivity rather erratic. Fruit: size rather small, elliptical shape, sometimes assimmetrica; skin color purple, with brownish reflexes, very pruinosa, greenish-yellow flesh, good, low aromatic, medium soda, stands out.
Aging collection: the second decade of August.
Note: in the past has taken a significant interest. Excellent resistance of the fruit which is handling the transport. E 'autocompatibile.
Destination of the fruit has dual attitude, but more suitable for drying.

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