Amabile Vecchioni Apricot Tree


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Pruns Armeniaca Amabile Vecchioni. You will not find much information on this variety of apricot forgotten. Not sold in supermarkets and only rarely makes its appearance in country fairs or exhibitions. Tree that produces large fruits that ripen usually in the last ten days of June. The skin of the fruit is yellow-orange flesh and intense is orange. The plant can be pruned regularly and kept under four meters to facilitate the collection of all apricots. The shape of his hair is shaped umbrella, the trunk and branches are thin and shaped cake. The leaves are elliptical with peaks and the edge is slightly serrate. The plant does not require manual pollinate is because pollen by bees and other insects. The flowering occurs in March and almost above all other fruit trees. The flowers bloom in small groups. Do not fear the climates and temperatures stricter but thrives in hot and dry climates. Aging: June 20 to June 30

Price: 15,00€