About Us

As you can see from the certificate issued by the Podestà of Faenza in 1895, Dalmonte’s Farm was already dealing with the production of fruit trees and ornamental plants.

Proud of this four generation farmers, I am still going on cultivating and spreading some of the oldest varieties: Bianca di Milano, Scipiona, Volpina, Buco incavato are only a few examples of the available production.

I really think that it is worthwhile and enjoyable cultivating those fruits on our own, because the varieties that come from the past and that you find here included in this catalogue:

  • Are to hand, because we can grow them also in vases in our cities,
  • They don’t need specific care as they are simple and so much stronger than modern varieties,
  • They are peculiar in their imperfect shape, in their tasty flavour and in their unique smell.

…And so, either in your balconies or in your gardens, you can take home the plants that will give you the good “forgotten fruits” to be served in every season!

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