Grape Cardinal


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Grapevine obtained in 1939 by E. Suyder and F. Harmon California from crossing 'Flame Tokay' x 'Ribier' (A. Lavallee) was introduced into Europe after the Second World War is one of the best red table grapes early. interesting for its valuable features: e'vigoroso and high productivity, they also adapt well to types of farming expanded. To enhance the quality of the product Cardinal requires severe pruning.
When ripe it should be collected immediately as there was great resistance on the plant;
The grape has a good resistance to transport.
Shows a cluster large, elongated, tapered roller, winged, with sparse millerandage 6%.
The berry and 'very large, subovale shaped, reddish purple, but sometimes not perfectly colored area of the pedicel.
The skin is medium and waxy red color purple not very uniform.
The flesh is crisp and meaty. Sweet, neutral flavor, but very pleasant.
Budding: second week of April.
Bloom: I ° week of June.
Aging: I ° - II week of August.

Price: 7,00€