White Queen Grape


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Variety of ancient origins, probably of Eastern origin (Syria), is cultivated throughout the Mediterranean basin and beyond. In Italy there are many synonyms such Pergolona, Queen of Florence, Menavacca, Inzolia Imperial, dates of Negroponte; abroad are called: DATTIER de Beyrouth in France, Rasak in the Greek islands, Afuz-Ali in Bulgaria, Romania in Aleppo, Waltam Cross in Australia and South Africa;.
Excellent variety for taste and for the characteristics of storage and transport, is one of the most common varieties in the world;
Vine vigorous, productive, requires expanded forms of farming (tent, pergola) and pruning long. Prefers deep soils, fertile and fresh. It features a large cluster (average weight 410 g), pyramidal or cylindrical, winged, sparse but often presents millerandage.
The berry is large or very large, elliptical short or long, with skins of medium thickness, strength and bloom, a golden yellow color, the fleshy pulp or crisp, sweet with simple taste. . The pips are 2 and big.
Synonyms: Mennavacca, Pergolona, Inzolia Imperiale, Galletta, DATTIER de Beyrouth, Afuz Ali ', Rosaki, Bolgar, Aleppo, Waltham Cross, Karabournou.
Budding: second week of April.
Bloom: I ° week of June.
Aging: I ° - II week of September.

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