Paw Paw Tree


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Paw Paw Tree.

Tree fruit originating in the United States. In the wild is in the eastern part of the country, along the strip running from northern Florida to Canada.
Adapts well to the Italian climate, supports tepmerature even many degrees below zero, but does not tolerate drought, and having a development tapered and autumn color lends itself to be used in ornamental gardens in order.
Plant that can reach five meters in height, the leaves are no longer very large.
Blossoms, simultaneously with the issuance of leaves on the branches of the previous year, and is virtually autoincompatibile.
The fruits are berries oblong cylindrical and variable in length, weigh up to a few ettogrammo. A maturation are colored yellow, the pulp is white and creamy like a banana.
At room temperature the fruit is preserved only a few days. Inside the fruit there are two rows of dark seeds in the shape of long bean up to three centimeters.

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