Mulberry Tree


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The mulberry trees belong to the family of Moraceae, genus Morus. The white mulberry and 'a species from Asia and Central Europe. Tree up to 15 m, and 'was imported into Europe with the silkworm and that' fond of its leaves. Up to half 'of the 900 has had a huge spread, and then, with the emergence of synthetic fibers, the breeding of silkworms and' disappearing and with it went the white mulberry. Dense foliage, with leaves dark green and shiny upper, more 'clear inferiorly. Matures in June July. The Black Mulberry (Morus nigra L.) and 'very similar to the previous species. From Asia Minor and Iran, probably introduced to Europe in the sixteenth century. He leaves 'and produces small black fruits violoacei and more' tasty. White mulberry Currently and 'very little used as a fruit plant. Black mulberry Jams, jellies, jams, sorbets, cakes, grappa, in alcohol. Coloring and flavoring for ice cream, gives a blue-violet. An infusion of leaves has antibiotic properties. The pulp is used in cosmetic masks for soothing dry skin, the juice is in use in lotions. Medicinal properties of fruits, leaves, roots and bark: expectorant, cleansing, laxative, tonic and refreshing, a time not far away were recommended to alleviate foot, angina, fatigue, constipation, and stomatitis. The varieties are also more decorative than most appreciated for the taste of the fruit.